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Between 80 and 90% of our life is typically spent inside buildings. Their design, systems, materials, and operations directly affect our health, wellbeing and productivity

Buildings and Homes are a significant culprit of carbon emissions – accounting for approximately 35% of total global energy consumption

On our New Homes page, you can follow our new builds "Skylark" and "Byways" at Walberswick, both designed and being constructed as Passive House Homes


Climate Change / Emergency

Decarbonisation is a critical part of our journey to Net Zero.

The objective of sustainable development can be summarised as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Members of the United Nations – including the United Kingdom – have agreed to pursue the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development in the period to 2030.

Passive House enables the levels of demand reduction that we will need to achieve Net Zero by:

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Lowers peak demand
  • Lowers the requirement for renewables
  • More economical to save energy than to generate it
  • Best chance of achieving Net Zero in buildings
  • Enables decarbonisation within increasing fuel bills
  • Robust in the face of long-term climate change
  • Lower cooling requirement in a future warmer climate

We not only build and Construct new Passive House Homes, but we also provide the following services

  • Passive House Consultancy
  • PHPP Passive House Planning Package (energy balance and planning tool)
  • Air Testing (ATTMA)

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